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Full-service Railroad Contractor

Ameritrack Rail offers full-service railroad construction and licensed engineering and maintenance services for commercial and industrial projects.

New Rail Construction

We specialize in constructing new rail systems, whether short extensions or miles of track. No job is too small or too large. We address your unique railroad needs, such as installation of grain dumps, load outs, road crossings and scales.

New Track Design Services

Save yourself a lot of time and expense by taking advantage of our in-house full-time design engineers. Our professional design team assures that your new project is up and running quickly while meeting all proper technical specifications.

Track system layout and design

Track Inspection and Maintenance

Call to learn how we can provide free track inspections and preventative maintenance programs to keep your tracks safe and extend the life of your track infrastructure.

Shortline Maintenance

Emergency Service - 24/7

We understand the importance of getting your rail back into service. Our team members are available to assist — no matter the time of day.

Track Rehabilitation

Restore your railway back to excellent working condition with our full-service track rehabilitation assistance.

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